The Android app which helps you to manage your savings,
just add your goals and track every time you save money.
It's that simple!

How it works?

Set your goals

New laptop? Trip to New York? Buying your dream house? Add them to your goals.

Start saving money

Cancel TV subscriptions, run in the park instead of going out, etc. Track your savings and add them to your goals.


Great reporting charts allow you to see your habits and motivate you to reach your goals.

Awesome Features

Unlimited Goals

Add as many goals as you want.

Savings and Withdrawals

Add savings to each goal. Also you can withdraw money from goals, in case of unexpected spendings.

Track progress

See the daily/weekly/monthly savings needed to reach your goal.


Add reminders to each goal, so you remember when to add savings.


Categorise your goals and savings to understand your spendings.


Check your progress and use reminders to motivate you to reach your goals.

App Screenshots

Premium Features

Change Theme

Personalise the theme and how the UI looks.

Change Font

Multiple fonts available to customise the app.

Manage categories

Add as many categories as you want and select from more than 30 icons.

Backup and Restore

Save your data in your Google Drive account and restore it on a different device.


“Really simple and easy, doesn't force you to link your credit card, exactly what I was looking for. ”

Kathy Gonzalez

“Nice app for tracking and managing budget. ”

Erick Amatta

“Exactly what I wanted to track my saving pots, nice format and layout. Simple and I love the fact it tells you how much to save daily/weekly/monthly to achieve youe goal in your timeframe!”

Natalie Tyson

“Excellent, I like it!”

Jose Vazquez